Writing/Editing Assignments – PMR Communications

Robert and Pat Moore have decades of communications experience. They also have taught and supervised writers/editors in various industries. Examples of PMR’s work include:

  • The award-winning Spreading the Risks (STR) required editing complex financial services information and transforming it into reader friendly text, e.g. chapters about intricate Lloyd’s of London transactions and complex legal issues.
  • Along with Robert’s coauthoring and Pat’s editing of STR, they managed its initial publication and marketing. PMR subsequently developed the book’s website and promotional material, capturing the text’s major themes in a single paragraph, page or several pages.
  • Additionally, PMR prepared, published and marketed STR’s revised edition in 2005; this led to the 2006 Golden Torch Award from the Insurance Marketing Communications Association.
  • Robert and Pat worked with HeaneyCouger to develop a “Hiring Systems Manual.” Twenty-five large regional companies use this 250+ page guide to train supervisors/employees. Besides translating hiring instructions, step-by-step training applications and legal forms into comprehensible language, the material incorporates applicable federal/state legal requirements.
  • PMR collaborated with the former President of the American Academy of Osteopathy to convert difficult medical concepts and language into plain English speeches/articles for physicians as well as medical students and wider audiences.
  • PMR has assisted Habitat for Humanity International’s past Board Chairman and former acting CEO with various projects. In addition to speeches and manuscripts, PMR provided editorial support for the critically acclaimed Music of a Thousand Hammers: Inside Habitat for Humanity (2006), “Where is Church? – One Man’s Quest (2012) and When The Spirit Moves (2014).
  • We gave research & editorial support to Joseph Ellis for his American Dialogue: The Founders and Us (2018), a New York Times “Book of the Year.”
  • PMR is currently providing consulting & editorial support for “Own Your History” & The Reconciliation Education Project.
  • PMR has written and edited articles on various public policy issues, which have appeared in national, regional and local publications.
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